Work-life balance is a myth, but we can find harmony for what matters most
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Jennifer has two signature keynote speeches which can be adapted to accommodate almost any meeting

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Keynote

Drug companies are not always the big bad wolf.

Clinical trials have become a household phrase, but they are still not understood or accessible to the people who need them most. Clinical trials can be transformative for community practices and the patients they serve. If we bring trials to underserved communities, we improve the lives of thousands of patients.

General Keynote

There will never be equal balance in all aspects of life; the easiest way to keep it manageable is by living as authentically as possible. Balance and harmony are moving targets and difficult to maintain. No amount of organic kale and yoga will bring you peace; you must look at your life in totality.

What about your career, your relationships, and intimacy? You get to decide what is right for you.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Bonfrisco.

I am a keynote speaker, author, busy professional, and mother of three.

My down-to-earth style allows me to connect with audiences ranging from students to executives. I am passionate about meaningful conversations and building relationships. After spending decades in hospitals and medical conferences, I am comfortable on most stages. My direct, no-nonsense style encourages rethinking outdated ideas—views about work, family, and even your love life.

Much is said about holistic wellness and authenticity, but until we look at all aspects, things remain out of sync. I realized in my own journey that I had compartmentalized far too much. I hadn’t even come close to finding balance or a sense of peace. So I set out to examine what that meant for me. In the last few years, I began to understand how to live with real harmony and joy. My journey had many roadblocks and led to my upcoming book and keynote speech.

I speak at corporate events and tiny community meetings, and enjoy them equally. When I’m in front of a crowd, I share real-world examples about ways to make clinical trials more innovative and accessible to underserved patients and medical practices who need them most. I am as passionate in my personal life as I am about clinical trials and helping patients. I love speaking about both topics.

I know it’s possible to find harmony for the things we care about.

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